Power Adapter Solution & Manufacturing
Consumer Electronics Industry Solutions
Consumer electronics refer to audio and video products related to radio and television for individuals and families, mainly including: television, DVD player (VCD, SVCD, DVD), VCR, camcorder, radio, stereo, phonograph, compact disc player (CD), etc. With the development of technology and the emergence of new products and applications, nowadays the digital cameras, intelligent mobile phones, tablet PC, telephone, personal computer, and other products are also becoming emerging consumer electronics products. What is more, home office equipment, home electronic health equipment, automotive electronics are also included in the consumer electronics category.

LYD been providing competitive power solutions for consumer electronics. With our outstanding expertise and design capabilities, we have developed and manufactured matching power adapters for many consumer electronics application. In order to improve customer R&D service experience, LYD set up a R&D subsidiary to provide customers with integrated solutions including solution evaluations and realizations. LYD provides customers with full technical support during R&D period, and delicates to provide cost-effective customized power adapter solutions. For consumer electronics, LYD provides fastest delivery time and lowest cost solutions and most competitive price (especially for Amazon sellers and distributors).