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  • The importance of medical power supply in medical equipment repair
    The maintenance of medical equipment is an important content in the management of hospitals. Under normal circumstances, there are two main methods of maintenance. One is contracted to the manufacturer for maintenance, and the other is contracted to other...
  • Medical equipment requirements for medical power supply
    (1) Because of the very high voltage generated, advanced insulation technology and safety and reliability are required, and the power supply is delivered. (2) The instantaneous power required is large and has the ability to provide this power. (3) In orde...
  • What is the medical equipment standard for medical equipment?
    Medical electronic equipment medical power supply, unlike other low-cost product applications, power supply and power supply, medical devices have to comply with many rules. The first question to consider for the power section is: What is the risk of choo...
  • Medical equipment power analysis and medical power selection criteria
    Nowadays, due to the improvement of medical level, more and more advanced medical equipment is widely used in various medical situations. Because of the special nature of medical equipment, as an important part of it, medical power supplies have more stri...
  • Test item for medical power supply according to IEC 60601 standard
    What are the IEC 60601 standard test items for medical power supplies? 1. High voltage test 2. Ionizing radiation test 3. Stability 4. Power measurement 5. Leakage current 6. Working voltage 7. Insulation resistance test 8. Grounding resistance 9. Environ...
  • Protective measures to extend the life of medical power supplies
    Protective measures to extend the life of medical power supplies 1: pulse-by-pulse super power or over current limit In the development of new products for medical power supplies, pulse-by-pulse over-power and over-current limits are essential, and this i...
  • What medical equipment has higher voltage requirements
    The main reason for the use of medical-specific voltage regulators is the use of various CT machines, DR, X-ray machines, and nuclear magnetic resonance in modern medical systems. It is undoubted that these devices have a crucial role in judging a persons...
  • Method for solving EMC problem of medical power supply equipment
    What are the methods to solve the EMC problem of medical power supply equipment? The following is a method for solving the EMC problem of medical power supply equipment by Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. 1, choose a medical power supply The probl...
  • Choose 5 important indicators for medical power
    In the medical industry, due to the safety of personnel, all related products will give priority to quality. In this case, how should we choose medical power? As we all know, each industry has a certain hard power supply indicator, and the medical ind...
  • What is the medical power source? Medical power application?
    In todays society, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, more and more modern medical devices have developed rapidly, especially electronic instruments that are in direct contact with the human body, in addition to the increasingly hi...
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