Power Adapter Solution & Manufacturing
Medical industry solutions
Nowadays, the medical and beauty industry is developing rapidly, and various advanced medical device products have been produced. When the medical instruments are inspected, they will directly contact the human body, causing interference and influence on the running equipment and personnel under certain conditions. This has become more and more demanding on the performance of the instrument itself, and has also attracted much attention to human safety. LYD medical power supplies for medical and healthcare equipment have to meet not only the functional parameters of your clinical application but also safety approvals such as IEC 60601-1-2. This standard defines the basic and essential performance for medical equipment in regard to emissions and immunity to electromagnetic disturbances.

LYD Medical Power Supply has emerged to meet the needs of specific medical applications. LYD Medical products provide low leakage current and harsh environment endurance that meets the highest requirements of hospital and health care applications. We offers a diverse product line of medical power supplies, Class I or Class II adapters with universal input 90~264Vac or even 80~264Vac. All our medical products meets the industry highest requirements for 2MOPP, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1/IEC60601-1 Ed 3.1, and EN60601-1-2 Ed4.0 Class B. Also, all are CEC & ErP Level VI Compliant.

The medical power supplies produced by LYD use intelligent IC and EMC solutions.
  • Completed safety protection function.
  • Stable Electronic performance.
  • Long lifetime, Improved product durability.
  • Good heat dissipation performance.
  • EMI / EMC solutions.
  • Low leakage current.
LYD have been dedicated in high-performance medical power supply. LYD power supplies cover many medical applications, including infusion pumps , Dental device, home care, diagnostic monitoring, medical imaging, in vitro testing equipment and so on. We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide medical service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.