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  • How to use the switching power adapter safely and correctly
    How to use the switching power adapter safely and correctly? The switching power adapter has been integrated into our work and life to a large extent, so safe and standardized use is very important. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics is a professional manufac...
  • The power can't be charged, how to check it out
    What causes the sudden failure to charge? Next, the Unicom power adapter manufacturer will teach you how to do troubleshooting. 1.Is the power adapters parameters incorrect? Solution: Look at the battery behind the laptop is 16V3.75A, if not, choose to bu...
  • How to judge the state of charge of the battery
    Power adapters are ubiquitous in our lives. Mobile phones, electric vehicles, and computers all require it. The power adapter can be said to be widely used. The power adapter is mainly to provide energy for the electronic device, so how to determine wheth...
  • Application of high power regulated power adapter
    The three-phase voltage regulator consists of three sets of single-phase voltage regulators, which are independently regulated by phase separation and have high output precision. It is an ideal regulated power supply for three-phase equipment. The followi...
  • Protect the battery power adapter should be charged like this
    Power adapters, we must be familiar with, can be said to be widely used in all aspects of our lives, and we are inseparable. If it does not exist, our days will be greatly affected. This happens often. Going out because I forgot to bring the charger, the ...
  • LYD LIANYUNDA power adapter manufacturers crazy goods, has been in action
    Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in switching power supply, power adapter and medical power supply. It has strong RD and production capabilities, and can also customize for users. Due to the large demand from custome...
  • What are the reasons for the notebook power adapter being hot?
    When the notebook is fully charged and the power adapter plug is unplugged, the power adapter will be hot too hot. Although it is not surprising that the notebook power adapter is hot during charging, the temperature of the adapter is too high, and it fee...
  • What are the power adapter circuit debugging steps?
    It turns out that an electronic device, even if installed according to the designed circuit parameters, is often difficult to achieve the desired results. Therefore, the skills to debug electronic circuits are also essential for those engaged in the desig...
  • Efficient auxiliary power adapter
    The figure shows a more efficient version of the previous circuit. This circuit uses the bridge rectifier D~D2 of discrete components to eliminate power dissipation on the feed resistors R1 and R2 in the converter. Such a circuit design is very useful for...
  • What should I do if the power adapter fails?
    Do you have a sense of security? A sense of security, like the number of remaining power; when the battery is only 20% left, it panics and starts to be anxious. Obviously, the device has been connected to charge, but it indicates that the battery is low. ...
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