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The importance of medical power in the maintenance of medical equipment.

The importance of medical power in the maintenance of medical equipment.

Update Time:2019-05-13
The maintenance of medical equipment is an important part of hospital management. Under normal circumstances, there are two main types of maintenance. One is contracting to the manufacturer for maintenance, and the other is contracting to other maintenance companies. The relevant management personnel of the hospital rarely carry out maintenance on their own. The reason for this phenomenon can be analyzed from the following two aspects: First, the equipment maintenance personnel of the hospital are not familiar enough with the basic characteristics and performance of the medical equipment, even if they want to There is no ability to carry out repairs. Second, in the process of operating medical equipment, because the choice of power supply does not meet the relevant standards, the relevant maintenance personnel have no way to start, in the face of medical machinery failure can do nothing. It can be seen that the importance of the power supply in the maintenance process of medical equipment is self-evident.

Power is the most important device that enables medical devices to function properly, and its role is as important as the human brain. Moreover, the role of the power source has nothing to do with the type, function, and function of the mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, the power supply equipment is mainly 220V AC, which can be an important device for providing electrical energy to various mechanical equipment and electronic and electrical equipment. In the process of repairing medical machinery and equipment, the power supply is also a more critical factor. Therefore, the relevant maintenance personnel should master the form of the power supply and the basic working principle.

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