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What are the functions of the power adapter?

What are the functions of the power adapter?

Update Time:2019-05-14

In general, the power adapter acts as a transformer and rectifier. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional power adapter manufacturer.

In general, the power adapter acts as a transformer and rectifier. The household AC is 220v and my computer is DC 12v. It seems that the power adapter is the transformer and rectifier. The adapter is a transformer, then I should know that the AC 220V is transformed by the transformer, and the DC is changed by the rectifier. Here, there is consumption and these consumptions are converted into heat, so it is normal for the power adapter to heat up.

The transformer is made of silicon steel sheet. After the transformer is energized, the magnetic flux occurs. The magnetic flux will cause a force between the silicon steel sheets to generate a squeaking sound. This is normal, but the sound of the over-the-ground sound is not normal. Many reasons: 1 The AC voltage is unstable. 2 chip is broken. 3 short circuit between turns. 4 component damage and so on. By the way, the role of the adapter is to convert the alternating current into a direct current electronic product.

The power adapter space is generally large, the built-in general adapter is not small, the small size of the machine is external to save space, the second is also convenient to replace, the adapter for the mains, the voltage is higher, put the machine internal comparison Danger.

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