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Is the power adapter a charger?

Is the power adapter a charger?

Update Time:2019-05-14

Although the mobile phone charger and the power adapter all have the same effect, they are still somewhat different in nature. The charger not only contains the functions of the adapter, but also includes current and voltage control functions that are compatible with battery charging. When the battery voltage is insufficient, the charger output is in a constant current state. When the battery voltage rises, the output will enter a constant voltage state. After rising again, the charger will enter the protection state.

The power adapter is a conversion to other appliances and is generally a constant voltage source output. Adapters usually only provide a DC power supply of several mA at around 5V, and can be charged with a charging control circuit (such as a mobile phone). So there is only one essential difference between the two.

For laptops, the power adapter is the charger, which is not necessarily the case for other appliances.

Switching power supply is a way to turn 220V voltage into low voltage DC. It is different from traditional power frequency transformer. The power supply using this switching voltage technology is called a switching power supply, and the charger and power adapter are currently using switching power supply technology.

The charger refers to something that only charges the battery, usually with a charging indicator, such as a battery charger. He can't call an adapter. An adapter is something that supplies power to a device.

Summary: The difference between the charger and the power adapter: the charger contains the function of the power adapter, but the charger also has constant current, constant voltage and other control circuits to meet the charging characteristics.

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