5 points of switching power supply design

Issue Time:2006-01-19
Nowadays, our life is inseparable from the power supply. All aspects require the supply of power. If there is no power supply, nothing can be achieved. Therefore, special care must be taken when designing the switching power supply. Do not let the circuit have problems. So, what should you pay attention to when designing the switching power supply? The manufacturer of the Unicom power adapter believes that the following five aspects need to be noted.

The wiring design of the switching power supply is very strict, and it is necessary to do a good job. If the designer can't handle the wiring work well in the early stage of design, there will be a big safety hazard in the future power consumption process. Therefore, I suggest that when purchasing a switching power supply, pay attention to the actual situation of the wiring to prevent irreparable damage.

2. Element layout
There is also a very important element in the design. The design must follow the principles of physical design and not rely on its own ideas to change the position of the device in the event of a short circuit. In addition, designers should also check the quality of their products when purchasing meta-devices.

3. Parameter
In the design of the switching power supply, we must understand each construction detail, especially in the record of the parameters, for specific instructions for future use. Detailed parameters also make it easier to test the switching power supply later, which will also save some time.

4. An examination
After each switching power supply is designed, it must undergo rigorous inspection before production. Only by checking can the availability and suitability of the switching power supply be determined to determine the price of the switching power supply. In the detection, first start from the circuit to detect the real working environment of the switching power supply, what kind of environment is most suitable for work, to avoid circuit accidents in some cases, safety is our first concern. Therefore, we need to check the switching power supply carefully.

5. Choose the right power
In order to extend the service life of the switching power supply, it is recommended to use 30% of the output power of the machine. If the system requires 100W power supply, it is recommended to select a model with a rated output power greater than 140W to effectively improve the service life of the power supply.

After reading the introduction of the above power adapter manufacturer, we must pay special attention to the above five aspects when designing the switching power supply. Otherwise, there will be problems in the design, which will have a great impact on the future power supply.

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