Protect the battery power adapter should be charged like this

Issue Time:2006-01-30
Power adapters, we must be familiar with, can be said to be widely used in all aspects of our lives, and we are inseparable. If it does not exist, our days will be greatly affected.

This happens often. Going out because I forgot to bring the charger, the phone is out of power, can't be opened, can't receive information from the outside, and misses a lot of important work. The electric car has no electricity, it is embarrassing, we often see the electric car slowly on the road, can not find the charging station, all helpless.

Chargers play a vital role in our daily lives, and we have to notice them. When we use them, the correctness of these methods will also affect the battery life. Correct and reasonable charging can improve the life of the power adapter battery, but do not understand the method, random charging will shorten the life of the charger. So, how to use the charger correctly? The following manufacturer of the power adapter manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction:
1.Do not charge with excessive current. In the process of charging large currents, heat is generated, the battery temperature is too high, and the high temperature has a great harm to the service life of the battery, which will greatly reduce the service life of the battery. Therefore, when charging, we should use a small current to extend the battery life.
2. Do not exceed the charging time. When the battery is charging, pay attention to the traffic signal or battery overflow sign. Do not charge indefinitely. If the charging time is too long, it will affect the battery life and cause regret. Master the use of the charger, in the ordinary charging, we need to be close to each other to extend battery life and save energy.

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