Laptop power adapter correct disassembly method

Issue Time:2006-03-07
The notebook power adapter is broken, I want to fix it first, but the first step is difficult. How to open the outer casing of the power adapter? If it is violently dismantled and made up, then even if it is repaired, it will be outside. Can't use it. How to disassemble the power adapter? You can follow these four steps.

1. The upper and lower covers of the notebook power adapter are injection-molded or glued with super glue. They do not need any screws, so they can only be cracked by violence. However, as long as the method is correct, the disassembled power adapter can be completely restored, and no traces of disassembly can be seen without careful observation.
2. Place the lateral side of the power adapter on the white paper, cut it with the electric knife blade along the gap between the upper and lower covers of the power adapter, and then tap the back of the electric knife with a hammer to cut the electric knife between the upper and lower covers of the adapter. At different positions of the gap between the upper and lower covers of the adapter, use the tip of the electrician knife to move along the slit. When a certain part of the upper and lower covers is first cracked, the tip of the blade is deepened, and then the upper and lower covers of the adapter are slowly separated.
3. Then open the power adapter of the outer casing, you can see the copper shield on the outside of the adapter circuit, cut the tape on the shield with a utility knife, and then solder the shield to the inner circuit board. Click to remove the shield.
4. A thick layer of hard plastic film is placed between the shielding layer and the circuit board, and then cut off with a utility knife.

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