What are the reasons for the notebook power adapter being hot?

Issue Time:2006-03-11
When the notebook is fully charged and the power adapter plug is unplugged, the power adapter will be hot too hot. Although it is not surprising that the notebook power adapter is hot during charging, the temperature of the adapter is too high, and it feels when the plug is pulled. Hot, then there is a problem, the cause of the laptop power adapter hot temperature is too high may be caused by external factors.

External factors cause the notebook power adapter to be hot

The power supply voltage is the biggest external factor that causes the notebook power adapter to become hot. If the connected power supply is not stable, or the power supply is too high or too low, the notebook power adapter will be too hot. If it is found to be caused by this reason, it is best to replace the power supply. At the same time, during the charging process of the notebook computer, the working environment of the power adapter is kept ventilated and moisture-proof, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to problems such as no object blocking around. This is the problem of the hot adapter of the power adapter caused by external factors, and the internal factors are mainly caused by the quality of the production process. For example, the bonding quality of the PVC sealant is affected, and the automatic coating machine malfunctions during operation.

These internal factors cause the notebook power adapter to be hot

In the process of producing the notebook power adapter, the PVC sealant is used for bonding and fixing. If the sealant is affected during the bonding process, it is easy to cause the power adapter to become hot during use. If the automatic coating machine has a production problem during use, it will also cause the hot temperature of the notebook power adapter after production to be too high.

Solving the problem of the hot problem of the notebook power adapter caused by internal factors is relatively simple, as long as the main inspection of the PVC sealant bonding quality in the production process and the operation mode of the automatic glue applicator basically will not cause the dispensing problem.

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