How to solve the problem of heating when charging high-power power

Issue Time:2006-03-16
I don't know if you know that the temperature is too high, it is harmful to the lithium battery, not only will shorten the battery life, but also there are certain safety hazards. 
In the slow constant current charger, since it is a slow charging, the generated heat is within the controllable range, so no special measures are required. However, in a high-power fast automatic charger, the use of a fast charge current will result in a higher temperature, so how to solve the heat dissipation problem at this time.

Currently, fast charging chargers on the market use various methods to reduce the temperature during charging, and the cosine method is usually used. Some chargers even have a cooling fan to solve the heating problem.

Since some fast charge chargers require a large charging current, some even use a charging current greater than 3C, and the heat generation problem is particularly serious. It is not enough to use only the cosine wave charging, so many of these chargers are used after a cosine wave. Insert this method with a very short discharge. This approach can alleviate the heat build-up due to the back-potential consumption of the charging current, thereby further controlling the temperature.

In addition, there is enough heat dissipation space inside the power adapter, built-in heat sink, and thermal silica gel can help to dissipate heat. The power adapter produced by Interconnect Electronics generally has over-temperature protection function, and the shell is made of high-temperature resistant PC material. Good solution to the heating problem of the power adapter.

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