Power adapter charging tips

Issue Time:2006-03-17
We often use the power adapter to charge, but do you know what is constant voltage charging? What is constant current charging? Do you know the concepts of open circuit voltage, termination voltage, depth of discharge, over discharge, and overcharge? It doesn't matter today Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics will explain the meaning of these words for everyone.
1. Constant voltage charging
The voltage between the two poles of the battery is maintained at a constant value for charging. The starting battery is also in the case of approximately constant voltage charging while the vehicle is running.
2. Constant current charging
The constant current charging method is a charging method that keeps the charging current intensity constant. Constant current chargers typically use a slow charging current.
3. Termination voltage
When the battery is discharged, the voltage drops to the lowest operating voltage value at which the battery should not continue to discharge. Depending on the type of battery and the different discharge conditions, the battery capacity and life requirements are also different, so the specified battery discharge termination voltage is also different.
4. Open circuit voltage
When the battery is not discharged, the potential difference between the two poles of the battery is called the open circuit voltage. The open circuit voltage of the battery will vary depending on the material of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. If the materials of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are completely the same, then the open circuit voltage is the same regardless of the size of the battery and how the geometry changes.
5. Depth of discharge
The percentage of the battery's discharged capacity as a percentage of its rated capacity during battery use is called the depth of discharge. The depth of discharge has a deep relationship with the charging life of the secondary battery. When the depth of discharge of the secondary battery is deeper, the charging life is shorter, so deep discharge should be avoided as much as possible during use.
6. If the overdischarged battery exceeds the end voltage value of the battery discharge during discharge, it may cause the internal pressure of the battery to rise and the reversibility of the positive and negative active materials to be damaged, resulting in a significant reduction in the capacity of the battery. .
7. Overcharge
When the battery is fully charged after charging, if it continues to charge, it may cause the internal pressure of the battery to rise, the battery is deformed, the night is leaking, etc., and the performance of the battery is also significantly reduced and damaged.

These are some common sense about the power adapter period charging, want to know more about charging knowledge? Pay attention to Lianyunda Electronics, 12 years of power adapter R & D manufacturers.

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