How much is the power adapter?

Issue Time:2006-03-31
How much is the power adapter? Product materials, internal components, certification, etc. are all factors that affect the price of the power adapter, and the price ranges from tens to thousands.

Remind everyone not to pay attention to the price of the product when purchasing the power adapter. It depends on the suitability and quality of this product to buy, which is the primary consideration.
The current market for power adapters is confusing, the prices are high and low, some are high and outrageous. Why are some low-level outrageous situations? This is because the products used in different factories are different from those produced by large factories and small factories. There are differences, small manufacturers' facilities, certification, quality, etc. are basically not controlled by large manufacturers.

Generally, the regular power adapter manufacturer, the electronic components inside the power adapter will select high-quality, brand-name electronic components, so that the power adapter produced will certainly be better in use, and the service life will be longer.

Generally, the power adapters circulating in the market are subject to national or international certification. For example, China has to do 3C, CQC certification, etc. Foreign countries such as the United States have UL, FCC and other certifications. These certification fees are quite expensive.

When you need to buy a power adapter, choose a relatively large manufacturer like Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics to buy. To find out more about the price of power adapter products, please visit the Alibaba store:

The low standby power consumption and high efficiency of the Unicom power adapter can meet the energy efficiency standard of 6 levels; the full voltage input is suitable for use in any country in the world; there is short circuit overcurrent protection, small size; full load aging test, over EMC. Buy power adapters and choose Yunda Electronics! Twelve years old brand in the power industry, the products are sold at home and abroad, can be customized.

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