The inner material of the power adapter

Issue Time:2006-04-28
With the continuous upgrading of smart products, the domestic power adapter industry has also developed, and the joint power adapter manufacturers have also obtained many new products through technology research and development. However, due to the different production processes, the quality of the adapter transformers produced is also different. Today, I know the performance of the power adapter together with Intermodal Electronics.

1.Material: Lianyunda Electronics adopts new imported electronic components with good safety performance and long service life.

2.Certification: All products of Lianyunda are awarded: UL, CE, GS, SAA and other international authoritative certifications.

3. Testing: The company's products have undergone multiple testing procedures and are 100% fully tested. The product performance is stable and reliable.

4. R & D: 30 years of experience led by the team of experts in research and development technology, focusing on switching power supply to perfectly match your product customization needs.

The Lianyunda company's power adapter manufacturer has strong production strength, product quality is guaranteed, and several experienced expert teams can independently develop and produce. Use a variety of new technologies and production methods to minimize the loss of the power adapter. Choose the best materials to create a high quality power adapter.

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