Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics takes you back to President Xi’s “warm words”

Issue Time:2016-05-12
General Secretary Xi Jinping is interested in the masses, respecting the old and respecting the sages, and emphasizing the righteousness and righteousness. He has repeatedly used warm words and actions to convey a powerful and inspiring force. Shenzhen Lianyun Da Xiaobian takes you back to some of the "warm words" that the General Secretary has said over the past year.

"I bought one and held the game." This is what Xi Jinping said when he came to Majia Village, Xuzhou, Jiangsu. "You don't stand, sit down to me." "The Chinese people's life will definitely be better every year." Give the farmers a reassurance, "The house is for living, not for speculation", "The party and the government are serving the people", "Everyone must work together, and share the Chinese dream", "I am most concerned." It’s still the suffering people.” “Everyone picks up their sleeves and cheers.”

Pick up the sleeves and cheer them up, stick to the beliefs, and the hardships and hardships are the "knives" of youth. As a power adapter manufacturer, we have to make a difference in the power supply field. If you are interested in our products, please click on our online customer service or call: 0755-27825520. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. - new and old customers witnessed, trustworthy power brand!
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