What is the notebook power adapter used for?

Issue Time:2006-05-24
What exactly is the power adapter? The notebook's power adapter is a device that converts the 220V AC supplied by the power supply department into a low-voltage DC power supply for powering the notebook. After the low-voltage DC output from the power adapter enters the computer, it is further processed by the power circuit of the computer motherboard to generate 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and other sets of voltages for the memory, CPU and other components to operate; in addition, the power provided by the power adapter can also pass relevant The charge control circuit is used to charge the laptop's battery.

What is the power adapter? Simply put, the transfer is converted to DC. China's mains is 220V AC, while the notebook uses DC, which requires an adapter to rectify, filter, stabilize, and finally form the DC we need. Power and charge your notebook. Equivalent to power, mobile phone charger.

What is the computer's power adapter used for?
The desktop is generally called a power supply. It is built-in. The notebook is usually an external power supply, that is, a power adapter. It is used to charge the notebook, that is, to convert the 220V and other AC power to the DC power required by the notebook. The power adapter is a transformer that converts the voltage of the home circuit into a voltage that the computer can accept.

What is the use of the switching power adapter?
First of all, what is the use of the switching power adapter? Popularly speaking, "voltage converter", the commercial 220V AC is converted into more than ten volts DC for your notebook. The key to matching is how big the voltage is, how much can be more or less. The current (A) can be big or small, and it is ok to follow this principle.

It is not normal for you to automatically power on the power of the plug-in board! The power adapter has power, but the computer should not be turned on. It must be started after pressing the power switch of the computer. This is normal.

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