Battery and power adapter power supply principle

Issue Time:2006-06-13
Today's laptops have built-in batteries. When the power is unplugged, the notebook can still be powered by a battery and lasts for several hours. In addition to the built-in battery of the notebook, the use of mobile power charging can be seen everywhere, so here is a problem, the battery power and the power adapter power supply principle? Is there any difference?

The power supply to the notebook and the battery to the notebook is different. First, the battery is powered. The output of the battery is pure DC. It is very clean. It can be directly connected to the DC transformer module. The voltage of the battery is neither possible nor designed. Very high, the voltage requirements of analog and digital signals in microelectronic circuits are currently basically bounded by 5V, which removes the efficiency and differential pressure requirements of the transformer module, and 10.8V is sufficient.

Moreover, the chemical electromotive force of a lithium battery determines that the output voltage of a cell can only be around 3.6V, so many batteries are connected in a three-stage series, and 10.8V becomes a very popular battery voltage. Some batteries have a nominal value slightly larger than an integer multiple of 3.6V, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, etc., in fact, to protect the battery or the tricky behavior when calculating the battery design capacity.

If you use the power adapter to supply power, the situation is more complicated. First, you need to further voltage-stabilize the added voltage to ensure stable operation under the condition that the power supply performance is not good. The voltage after the voltage regulation is divided into two ways, all the way to the notebook. The work is powered and the other is charging the battery. Therefore, although both can be charged, the power supply principle is different, and under normal circumstances, the power supply of the power adapter is much faster than the battery power supply.

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