Will you still buy the cottage power adapter?

Issue Time:2006-06-15
Have you bought a poor quality power adapter? I bought a power adapter for the cottage before, 20 yuan, it took a month to break, the contact is bad, the line is too thin. Then I changed a regular brand, 70 pieces, and it has been used for more than a year now. Today, playing mobile phone, suddenly saw an electric car charging fire news, I suddenly remembered which cottage power adapter.

I am thinking, to be a cottage adapter, have a shell, have a transformer system, the most lines are replaced by fine, inferior copper wire, plastic shell with inferior quality, at least the factory can be used, it means at least have a QA. Consumption of some inferior plastics, a number of inferior wires, selling 20 profits should have 10, and I can only use 2 months, often have a very bad experience.

Look at the non-cottage, regular products, just by hand can be different, the cost of selling 70 may need 50 yuan, profit 20 yuan, I should be able to use for 3 years.

Will not buy a cottage adapter in the future, not only the quality of the problem, the key is too dangerous, and this is also to create electronic waste for the community. I also hope that the bosses of the electronics factory will not produce this kind of junk products anymore. If you want to make money, you should first try to improve the quality and quality, buy equipment, produce these inferior power supplies and sell toxic milk powder. There is no difference. You must still talk about conscience.

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