Why is ultrasonic welding of the power adapter?

Issue Time:2006-06-16
The outer casing of the Unicom power adapter is made of green, temperature-resistant and flame-retardant PC material, and ultrasonic welding is used to make the outer casing tight, more firm, more resistant to falling and durable. The ultrasonic waves are transmitted through the welding head to the plastic machined parts, so that the two plastic joint faces are subjected to intense friction by the action of the ultrasonic waves, and the friction heat causes the plastic joint faces to be melted and completely joined.

The technology has the advantages of high speed, strong welding, etc., and more importantly, it can automate the processing of plastic products. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for plastic welding, embedding, forming, riveting, electric welding, cutting, sewing, etc., only need to be welded to change the machine can be used for a variety of applications.

It adopts electronic program control, high degree of automation, easy operation, built-in electronic protection circuit, safe use, stable and reliable work. It also has the characteristics of high power and high efficiency. Ultrasonic welding has the characteristics of firm welding surface, good air tightness and water tightness, high strength, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.

Lianyunda pays attention to the quality of the power adapter. For 12 years, it has been insisting on the certification of power supply, safety power supply, never producing products with less material and less materials. The quality of power supply is related to the safety of users. In the future, Lianyunda Electronics will continue to provide safe and reliable society. Power products.

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