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Issue Time:2006-07-13
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Which classes can the switching power supply be subdivided into?

We all know that power can be divided into two categories: linear power supply and switching power supply. Switching power supplies are different from linear power supplies. Their circuit types are mainly single-ended flyback, single-ended forward, half-bridge, push-pull and full-bridge. The fundamental difference between it and the linear power supply is that it does not work at the power frequency but works at tens of kilohertz to several megahertz. The function tube does not work in the saturation and cut-off area, that is, the switch state; the switching power supply is named after it. And if the subdivision, the switching power supply can be divided into many categories, then let the power adapter manufacturers and everyone talk about it.

1, AC / DC power supply
This type of power supply is also called a primary power supply. It takes energy from the grid and obtains a DC high voltage through high voltage rectification and filtering. The DC/DC converter obtains one or several stable DC voltages at the output, and the power is from several watts to several kilowatts. There are products for different occasions. There are many specifications and models of this kind of products. According to the needs of users, the primary power supply (AC220 input, DC48V or 24V output) in the communication power supply is also the same.

2, DC / DC power supply
Also known in the communication system as a secondary power source, it is provided with a DC input voltage from a primary power supply or a DC battery pack, and one or several DC voltages are obtained at the output after DC/DC conversion.

3, communication power
The communication power supply is essentially a DC/DC converter type power supply, but it is generally powered by DC-48V or -24V, and uses a backup battery as a DC power supply backup to convert the DC supply voltage into a working voltage of the circuit, generally it It is divided into three types: central power supply, layered power supply and single board power supply. The latter has the highest reliability.

4, radio power
The radio power input AC220V/110V, the output DC13.8V, the power is determined by the power of the power supply station, several hundred amperes have products. In order to prevent the AC power grid from affecting the radio work, a battery pack is required as a backup, so this In addition to outputting a 13.8V DC voltage, the class power supply also has an automatic conversion function for charging the battery.

5, module power supply
With the rapid development of science and technology, the requirements for power supply reliability and capacity/volume ratio are getting higher and higher, and the module power supply is increasingly showing its superiority. It has high operating frequency, small size, high reliability, and is easy to install and expand. Therefore, it is being widely used. At present, although there are corresponding modules in China, the failure rate is high because the production process fails to catch up with the international level.

6, special power supply
High-voltage low-current power supply, high-current power supply, and 400Hz input AC/DC power supply can be attributed to this type and can be selected according to special needs. The price of the switching power supply is generally 2-8 yuan / watt special low power and high power supply price is slightly higher, up to 11-13 yuan / watt.

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