American Alabama Power Adapter Manufacturer

Issue Time:2006-07-17
Professional Henan Power Adapter Manufacturer-Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics, in Nanyang City, Henan Province: Man County, Ottoga County, Barber County, Bieber County, Blount County, Calhoun County, Chilton County, Clark County, Coffey County, Konica County, Covington County, Dale County, Escambia County, Franklin County, Hale County, Houston County, Lee County, Macon County, Morgan County, Pike County, Walker County, etc.

Main products: power adapter, medical power, LED power, charger and so on.

The excellent cost performance, perfect value, high-end quality, reliable performance, complete industry certification, strong company strength and professional service team can be purchased with confidence.

How to reduce the internal interference of the power adapter?

Reducing the internal interference of the power adapter, achieving its own electromagnetic compatibility, and improving the stability and reliability of the switching power supply should start from the following aspects.

Pay attention to the correct division of the digital circuit and analog circuit PCB layout, digital circuit and analog circuit power supply decoupling; pay attention to the single point connection of digital circuit and analog circuit, high current circuit and small current, especially current and voltage sampling circuit, to reduce the total Block interference, reduce ring effect; pay attention to the spacing between adjacent lines and signal properties when wiring, avoid crosstalk; reduce line impedance; reduce high voltage and high current circuit, especially transformer primary and switching tube, power supply filter capacitor circuit Area; reduce the area enclosed by the output rectifier circuit and the freewheeling diode circuit and the DC filter circuit; reduce the leakage inductance of the transformer, the distributed capacitance of the filter inductor; use a high frequency filter capacitor of the resonant frequency.

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