Is it normal for the notebook power adapter to be hot?

Issue Time:2019-04-11
Is the notebook power adapter hot and hot? It is normal for the notebook's power adapter to be hot after being powered on. Don't worry, there is no danger, and it will not explode. It doesn't matter how long this time is, it will become very hot after one or two hours of use, but it will always maintain this temperature. And the notebook's power adapter housing is high temperature resistant, will not burn out

In addition to being hot, the notebook power adapter may hear a loud sound. This sound is not loud and very small. This sound is not a big problem. It is the sound of the power filter after the power adapter is powered, so it will be there after plugging in. Any power adapter basically has sound. You can listen carefully and you can hear it when the surroundings are particularly quiet.

The power adapter is a transformer, and the transformer coil inside will produce a sizzle when there is AC power. Some power adapters will have this sound for a long time, but there is no big problem and you can continue to use them. As long as the sound is not too high, you don't have to worry about it.

It is normal for the notebook power adapter to be hot and sound, unless there is a problem because the temperature is too high or even damage the casing or the sound is loud. Generally, it does not affect the use. If the adapter is broken, you can buy one. Notebooks have protection isolation circuits, so you don't have to worry about damaging your notebook.

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