What should I do if the power adapter light does not illuminate?

Issue Time:2006-08-21
Notebook power adapter indicator is not lit

The socket on the notebook is short-circuited. It should be a problem with the notebook, not an adapter.
1. If the power indicator light tries to open the circuit, is there a green light? If there is no problem with the adapter, if there is no adapter, there is a problem.
2. After the notebook is plugged in, the indicator light from the light is off, indicating that the notebook socket is in a real short circuit condition, the adapter is protected, and the problem is determined. Then the decision is made, and the target is repaired.

Lenovo laptop power adapter light does not light up

The power supply is broken. If you plug in the power supply, there is only one reason: the line is broken. Because the notebook power supply is only powered, the indicator light is on.
First, look at the socket, is it not the socket itself is not conductive, try another socket.
Second, after troubleshooting the socket, look at the laptop's power plug, is it burnt out, burnt or deformed. If so, it must be broken.
Third, after excluding the second possibility, connect the power connector (excluding the power box part) to the power box of the other power source, and plug it in and the light is off.
Fourth, if it is bright, it means that there is no problem with this line, and the power adapter must have a problem.
Fifth, unpack the power adapter and see if it burned inside.

If it burns, replace the adapter.

How to repair the power adapter indicator light
1. If there is only a problem with the power indicator and the adapter is not a problem, you can replace the indicator and re-insert the indicator. However, this indicator only serves as a watcher. If the adapter has no problem, you can ignore it. .

2. If the adapter is not working properly, it may be caused by a short circuit or other problems. This seems to be a bit complicated, the board problem, may have to change the LED lights, but also have a welding pen, not a professional advice or do not repair, re-buy a new one.

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