Choose a quality power adapter to avoid potential safety hazards

Issue Time:2006-08-25
The power adapter has become a just-needed product, which is indispensable in people's lives, but if people buy fake products, the consequences are unimaginable. According to the survey, there are many universal power adapters represented by mobile phone power adapters, switching power adapters and USB power adapters that are not certified by CCC. Most of these adapters fail to pass the safety indicators and may cause users. Risk of electric shock, fire, burns, etc.

In the northeast region, consumers have used the power adapter without CCC safety certification, the switching power adapter, the USB power adapter to charge the mobile phone, and when answering the phone, due to leakage of the unqualified mobile phone charger, it is transmitted to the mobile phone, causing the party to get an electric shock. A vicious case of death.

Therefore, the dangers of unqualified power adapters, switching power adapters, and USB power adapters are:

1. The risk of electric shock caused by breakdown of the insulation between the parts with dangerous voltage and the accessible conductive parts under normal conditions.

2. Overload, component failure, insulation breakdown or loose connection under normal working conditions may cause fire hazard due to excessive temperature.

3. High temperatures under normal operating conditions may cause burns, decreased insulation levels, and reduced performance of safety components or the risk of igniting flammable liquids.

The power adapter produced by Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. has passed the rigorous testing and complete certification. Each test is carefully considered for safety, multiple protec
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