What are the power adapter accessories?

Issue Time:2006-08-28
Let's take the example of 9V power adapter. The most basic spare parts must be: switch transformer, inductor coil, varistor, filter capacitor, MOS or IC (some ICs have MOS function inside) fuse, optocoupler... If you want to pass the safety regulations and other requirements, you have to add Y capacitor, X capacitor, lightning tube, thermistor.

1. Switching transformer, one of the central components in the switching power supply.
2, varistor, its function is that when the external voltage is too high, the varistor resistance quickly becomes very small, the fuse in series with the varistor is blown, and then the other circuits are not burned out.
3, the inductor, the main function is to reduce electromagnetic interference.
4, rectifier bridge, the effect is to turn 220V communication into DC.
5, the filter capacitor, the effect is to filter the communication ripple in the DC, so that the circuit operation is more secure.
6, op amp IC (integrated circuit), maintenance circuit, an important part of voltage regulation.
7, 9V power adapter fuse, when the current in the circuit is too large, the fuse will blow to maintain other components.
8, 9v power adapter high-power switch tube, is one of the central components in the switching power supply, the switching power supply can "open and close" operation, the switch tube is indispensable.
9, the secondary filter capacitor, the standard is 820μF / 25V, a total of two, from the effect of filtering the ripple in low-voltage DC. In addition to the above components, there are adjustable potentiometers and other RC components on the board.
10, the secondary rectifier, the function is to change the low-voltage communication into low-voltage DC. In IBM's power adapters, the rectifiers are often operated in parallel with two high powers to achieve a large current output.
11, the temperature probe is used to detect the internal temperature of the power adapter, when the temperature is higher than a certain set value (different brand power adapter, its set temperature threshold is slightly different), the maintenance circuit will block the adapter The voltage is output and then the maintenance adapter is not damaged.

The above is the basic knowledge of the power adapter, the power adapter needs to operate in a stable environment, generally use voltage protection, avoid no-load, short-circuit protection, etc., to prevent the switching power adapter from burning out.

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