Three strokes to judge the performance of the power adapter

Issue Time:2006-08-29
The power adapter plays an important role in the power supply field, and we need a power adapter for our daily life and daily work. Nowadays, the power adapters on the market are uneven, and we can't help but worry about their performance. So how do we judge whether the performance of the power adapter is over?

一.Basic basis for identifying power

Voltage and current range, these are the two most easily determinable indicators, as long as they are calculated based on the power consumption of the circuit. However, if only a single DC voltage is used to power the UUT, consider testing the UUT's high and low supply voltage extremes. If the power supply is used to power the combined device, 75% to 90% of the maximum current required by the device is provided by one power supply, and an insufficient portion can be connected to two or more power supplies.

1, response time 
2, resolution 
3, working mode

二.Power supply accuracy, expansion and safety
1. Parallel or series operation 
2. Remote sensing characteristics 
3. Programmability 
4. Overload protection

三.Potential sources of damage inside the power supply
1, stability 
2, pulsation and noise 
3, internal impedance 
4, power supply transient response or recovery

After reading the detailed explanation of the above article, do you have a deeper understanding of whether the performance of the power adapter is passed? Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. professional power adapter production and supply manufacturers, always adhere to solid materials, only quality Power, our steps have been moving forward, never stopped!

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