What are the factors affecting the quality of switching power supply?

Issue Time:2006-09-04
In our daily life, we can't do without power products. Switching power supplies can be seen everywhere. There are many manufacturers and the quality is different. For switching power supplies, quality is important. However, due to market reasons, the quality of materials and production processes are different. Here, Shenzhen Lianyunda Xiaobian gives you an analysis of the impact of a production process on the quality of switching power supplies?

1. PCB board assembly. The PCB is the core of the entire switching power supply, and the entire switching power supply operates on its own. The material of the electronic components of the assembled PCB board is very important, which directly affects the quality of the switching power supply.

2, PCB board performance test. Check the PCB board for false soldering, soldering, and soldering. Ensure the integrity of the PCB board.

3. DC wire welding. Connecting the PCB to the outside allows current to pass.

4, shell. Protect internal components.

5, finished product testing. The finished product is tested for performance, and the voltage, current, and volts are within the specified limits.

6, packaging. The last step in the production of switching power supplies serves as a protection.

The switching power supply produced by Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics is small in size, light in weight and safe in safety. It is produced in accordance with standard certification and procedures. The electronic components are all imported new components, which can be customized according to customer needs. After many inspection procedures, the product performance is stable and reliable. With short circuit, overload, overvoltage protection, low operating temperature and long service life.

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