Power Adapter Level 6 Energy Efficiency Test Considerations

Issue Time:2006-09-05
What is the 6-level energy efficiency of the power adapter? DOE6 energy efficiency is the US energy efficiency certification for external power supplies. The US local market supervision will check the products. If there is no relevant information, the products will be forced to be removed from the market.

The US DOE6 energy efficiency certification, this resolution has caused all the major power industry factories in Dongguan to catch a cold. This is not a small fight, but is enforced by law. Once this news was issued, it caused an uproar in the e-commerce circle and ushered in a wave of shuffling. What should you pay attention to when testing Level 6 (VI) energy efficiency?

The test notes for DOE6 are as follows:
1, 115V and 230V four loads: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%;
2, lead length: 10cm;
3, 6V or less, pay attention to the formula that uses low voltage command;
4, also pay attention to no-load power consumption;
5, safety test standard heat engine for 30 minutes.

The power adapters produced by Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. are widely used in: LED display, communication equipment, instrumentation, monitoring equipment, security equipment, digital audio-visual, medical machinery, small appliances, engineering automation, notebooks, electric vehicle charging, massage. Beauty, car electronics, communication products, etc. The Unicom Power Adapter has beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and stability, complete certification, excellent workmanship, quality and durability.

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