Do you know the identification methods for high-end and low-end power adapters?

Issue Time:2006-09-06
At present, the power adapters on the market, charger product styles, prices vary, and there are differences. Then, why do the price of the power adapters with the same parameters seen in the label differ so much? In fact, the power adapter products are different in the circuit scheme and materials, and are classified as high, medium and low in the same way as other electronic products. So how do we distinguish what grades we belong to, and how do we get the value of the products we buy back?

Here, the power adapter manufacturer only talks about the difference between high-end and low-end, and between the two, we are positioned as a mid-range power adapter.

Take a 5V4A power adapter, you look at the label, its specifications are basically no difference, sometimes the low-end may seem to identify more things, such as a medium-sized power supply, maybe he even CE, FCC what All marked up. First, let's look at the material of the outer casing. The high-end power supply is the appearance of the biting flower. His texture and brightness are also different. It is brighter because it is made of a new fireproof plastic material. The low-end appearance does not look shiny, gray. Because it is made of recycled plastic, the price of raw materials is also several times different.

Secondly, you can see the material and plating of the metal part. The exposed metal of many high-grade power supplies is nickel-plated nickel, or the thickness of the plating will be thicker and the brightness is higher, because the high-grade power adapter has to pass the salt spray experiment. Therefore, we sometimes find that the mobile phone charger bought for a few dollars outside is rusted on the plug, and the original charger of the brand mobile phone has not been rusted for a long time. Of course, from the appearance can also see its label material, wire material and other places can be seen the difference between high-end power adapter and low-end power adapter. But there are manufacturers may only spend the cost on the appearance, and the internal is particularly poor. This can only be seen by dissecting the inside of the power adapter.

If you know a little about electronics, you can dissect the power adapter. The low-end power adapter and the charger are usually made of a triode. This is the common name. It is a professional RCC circuit. It does not have an integrated IC. Control is just the self-oscillating oscillation of the transformer and the triode. Some very low-end chargers even have only one rectifier diode, and then there may be no filter capacitors behind, or a small capacitor of 2.2UF. There is also no optocoupler element and voltage regulator IC 431. There is no fuse in front. In this way, the ultra-low-range power adapter consisting of about ten components has no security, large radiation, and poses a threat to human health. Not to mention the use of electrical appliances, some of the protection functions of the power supply itself.

The high-end power adapter input has a current fuse, a bridge rectifier consisting of four diodes or a bridge stack, and the input filter capacitor is large. It also has EMI anti-electromagnetic interference components to minimize radiation. The power supply is controlled by the IC, and the feedback is controlled by the primary PSR IC or the secondary feedback mode of the optocoupler and the voltage regulator 431, so that the power adapter works stably. The power adapter complies with safety regulations, and each component has safety considerations. The overall power adapter passes safety certification, such as UL, CE, CCC, etc. The circuit has built-in over-voltage, over-current, overload, short-circuit and other protection functions, which can better protect the electrical appliances and the power adapter itself, so that the life of the electrical appliance and the power supply are longer.

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