Electric appliance era switching power supply step forward

Issue Time:2006-09-07
Switching power supply in today's society symbolizes the improvement of people's living standards. The market for switching power supplies is expanding, especially in electrical equipment, medical equipment and industrial equipment, which will surely usher in a good development opportunity.

An industry insider once said: "Switching power supply is an industry with great development potential. If companies in the industry can do their best to do their best to make products and services, this will promote the rapid development of the entire switching power supply industry."

Reasons for choosing a connected switch power supply:
I.Material: The electronic components of Lianyunda are all made of new materials, with good safety performance and long service life.

2.certification: all products of Lianyunda Electronics have obtained: UL, CE, GS, SAA, KC, CCC and many other certifications.

3.testing: Shenzhen Lianyun Electronic products have passed multiple testing procedures, 100% complete testing, product performance is stable and reliable.

4.research and development: 30 years experience expert team, 12 years of production experience, focus on switching power supply to perfectly match your product customization needs.

5.the joint transmission power supply is strong and the quality is guaranteed.

6.Quick quotes within six or 30 minutes, allowing you to take the lead in the competition and provide 24-hour online technical support in all directions.

With years of technical and financial resources, the R&D technology has reached the stage of innovation. The technical competition in the same industry has been affirmed, it will continue to heat up, and it will tend to be market-oriented. The new design specifications and product quality performance are the fundamentals of Shenzhen Lianyunda's electronic development and innovation! The quality assurance of the joint-connected switching power supply is in place. On the basis of continuous innovation and quality.

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