Power adapter common maintenance tips

Issue Time:2006-09-13
1. Avoid wet environment
The use of notebook power adapters should be taken care of to avoid humid environments. The function of the power adapter is to convert 220 VDC from household electricity into DC power, so it should not be used in a humid environment. Whether the power adapter is placed on the table or on the ground, please be careful not to put a cup or wet thing around it to prevent the adapter from burning out.

2, pay attention to heat dissipation in high temperature environment
In a high room temperature environment, we can put the adapter on the side, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the power adapter. Unlike a laptop, the power adapter is just a sealed, precision appliance that can be cooled by a fan unlike a computer. Since the adapter itself works as a process with more heat dissipation, if the room temperature is still high, it is too unfavorable for the maintenance of the power adapter. Remember not to use the power adapter for too long at high temperatures. If you have to use it for a long time, you need to pay attention to its heat dissipation, such as using a fan to assist the convection heat dissipation. It is also possible to insert a narrow plastic block or metal block between the adapter and the desktop to increase the air convection speed around the adapter and speed up the dissipation of the adapter heat.

3. Use a model-matched power adapter
As we all know, the notebook power adapter generally consists of two parts, one is a power cord, one end is a power plug, one end can be plugged into the adapter, and the other part is the adapter body and connected to the data line plugged into the computer. If the notebook's original adapter is damaged, you should purchase and use the original model to match the product. If you use a similar product in the cottage, it may be used for a short time, but due to the difference in manufacturing process, there will be a greater risk of long-term use, and even a short circuit, burnout and other risks.

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