Whether the power adapter can run stably for a long time

Issue Time:2006-09-28
In fact, everyone hopes to be stable, and anything will be carefully compared before they are owned. The same is true for the power adapter. Everyone will carefully consider what brand, effect, noise, stability, convenience, etc. before purchasing, but after using it, all the shortcomings will be ignored, and it will work if it is used. No, it will be considered for replacement.

If you ask such a question, what kind of power adapter is the adapter?

1, stability
The power adapter is mostly the same in stability. It is based on the performance of overcurrent protection, EMI radiation, voltage deviation, ripple suppression, cross load, timing, dynamic test, etc., so that the power adapter can be stable for a long time. run.

2, convenience
Convenience is one of the main factors that everyone considers. The electronic product itself is slowly developing in a small and exquisite direction for reasons of convenience. The power adapter is naturally the same. I believe no one will be willing to carry a big guy with him. Convenience is based on the size, volume, and weight of the power adapter. The price of light weight is naturally slightly higher.

3, energy saving
Now advocate green travel and save energy, I believe everyone can understand. The power adapter is mainly from the conversion efficiency, the initial power conversion efficiency is only 60%, and now with the advancement and development of technology, it can generally reach more than 70%. The conversion efficiency of the LYD60-2402500 power adapter produced by Intermodal can be as high as 85%. This is very good.

4, durability
Durability can be used as a measure for all goods except food. Due to the environment in which the power adapter is used, its durability is relatively important. In addition to the normal use of connecting the mains and electronic equipment, we often take the power adapter to take it, some bumps are inevitable, and the wire will be frequently fluctuated, which determines its aging speed is faster, use Life expectancy is not that high.

5, compatibility
Because the power adapter does not have a unified interface standard, the products on the market can be said to be ever-changing in terms of interface. When you choose, you should carefully compare it to avoid the lip of the road.

In fact, in the end, the choice of these characteristics is still in the choice of materials, the quality of the material directly determines the performance of the above characteristics. If you choose a power adapter, you still choose a high-end brand manufacturer like Lianyunda. The quality is assured and the price is affordable.

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