The power adapter always emits a turbulent current sound.

Issue Time:2006-10-10
About the power adapter (notebook charger) will ring, because: when the power supply output current, the click sound is adapted to the sound of the magnetic components, such as inductors, pulse transformers. Some adapters sound louder and some have smaller sounds. This is a difference in workmanship and can be used with confidence.

Reasons for choosing Shenzhen Intermodal Electronics:
4 advantages, more stable, safer and more efficient

New IC solution + PWM control + EMC circuit + PFC circuit design

1. New IC solution
The clock frequency is unconditionally generated by the integrated IC and peripheral timing. The frequency is fixed and very stable, thanks to our new IC solution and good stability.

2, PWM control
Control the time ratio of the switch to maintain a stable output, making the power consumption of the power supply small and efficient.

3. Reduce radiation and protect equipment
Increase EMC circuit systems to protect equipment from electromagnetic interference, reduce emissions, and protect equipment.

4, improve power availability
The PFC circuit is designed to measure the effective use of electricity and increase the availability of electricity.

If you are interested in the power adapter or have questions, please contact our online customer service or call: 0755-27825520, the relevant personnel of the joint power adapter manufacturer - your intimate procurement consultant.

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