How to check the appearance of the power adapter

Issue Time:2006-10-12
With the development of technology and the continuous emergence of major intelligent products, power adapters are becoming more and more widely used in people's lives and work. However, the appearance of power adapters has also received much attention. The appearance of power adapters will be directly The ground affects the final transaction; here, the small series of Shenzhen Unicom power adapter manufacturers tell you about the appearance check procedures of the power adapter?

First, the appearance of the power adapter
1. Surface of the power adapter: Check the surface of the power adapter for stains. There are cracks and other mechanical damage on the surface of the product. Is the power adapter gap too large? Is there any abnormal noise when knocking on the product?

2, the label of the power adapter: the surface of the product must be attached with the safety mark of the electronic product certification and the registration certification number. Power adapter label fonts must not have typos, missing words, blurred fonts, water marks or bubbles. Product labels should be strong and should not be attached. The label cannot have a defective part.

3. DC wire of power adapter: DC wire length meets the requirements of the specification. The wire color is the same as the certified sample. Whether the wire is stained, white, or damaged.

Second, the size of the power adapter
1. The external dimensions conform to the product standard.

2, the pin, wire length, distance must comply with product standards.

3. The position of the power adapter plug needs to meet the product standard requirements.

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