What are the misunderstandings of the power adapter?

Issue Time:2006-10-19
Power adapters have been widely used by us. We often use power adapters. However, there are many misunderstandings. There are certain security risks when used incorrectly. The following power adapter manufacturers introduce you to what are the misunderstandings:

1, avoid poor heat dissipation
Many people pay attention to the cooling of the notebook itself, but the power adapter is rarely concerned. In fact, the power adapter of many machines is not inferior to the notebook, so be careful not to cover it with clothes and newspapers, and put it in a well ventilated place.

2, avoid using adapters with insufficient voltage and current
This is similar to the battery pack using taboos, but here is from the perspective of the whole machine. Nowadays, the configuration of laptops is getting higher and higher, and the power consumption is also rising. Especially the high-frequency P4-M machines consume a lot of power. Once the voltage and current of the power adapter are insufficient, it is easy to cause the screen to flicker and the hard disk bad sectors. The battery can't be filled and there is no problem such as crashing.

3, avoid falling, flooding
The laptop's power adapter is compact in its internal structure. Although it is not as fragile as a battery, it should also avoid impact and drop. As for flooding, because most of the power is placed on the ground, it is often discovered after flooding. First plug in the terminal and plug the plug into the laptop, and try not to put the power directly on the ground, but put it on the ground. local.

4, avoid rough lines
Generally speaking, this kind of problem mainly occurs in the wiring between the power adapter and the notebook computer, because it is relatively thin and easy to bend, so many users do not care, and can be wrapped at various angles for convenient carrying.

5, should not use the wrong plug
Generally, each machine is only equipped with one power adapter, and the wiring between the power adapter and the laptop is fixed and non-replaceable. If you buy a non-sale laptop, then the plug and the home socket may not be right. At this time, either buy a suitable cable to replace the original wiring, or buy a new socket at home.

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