Power adapter charging efficiency is steadily increasing

Issue Time:2006-10-24
With the continuous innovation of portable devices, the ever-changing of smart devices and artificial intelligence, the requirements for power adapters are also increasing. From the appearance of the first generation of shoe boxes to the current 6cm, despite this, it is still unable to get rid of the growing user. The dilemma of expectations.

At the beginning of the power adapter, since only the transformer is used, the efficiency can only reach about 50%, it will emit a lot of heat to the surroundings, and the volume is also very large. It needs to be equipped with a fan. Everyone saw the early big box. This is the case with power supplies, low efficiency and high damage rates.

At present, with the advancement and advancement of technology, power adapters have been widely used in the form of switching power supplies, making the power adapters very small in size and easy to carry. In addition, due to the updating of spare parts technology, the efficiency has become very high. Shenzhen can be as high as 80% to 90%. When it comes to efficiency, we must raise the standard.

At present, China does not have a clear power adapter efficiency standard, only the thermal efficiency standards of household appliances, the relevant departments are based on the production situation of the power industry and the needs of users.

Today, the efficiency standards for the power adapter industry are not yet clear, but most power adapter products are 70% efficient. For example, in the case of a notebook computer, when the meter is rotated by 1 degree, the power adapter supplies 0.7 degrees of power to the computer.

The current power adapter products can achieve more than 70% efficiency, more than half of the product efficiency can reach more than 85%, and through the national CCC, EU CE, US UL certification, we can rest assured to buy.

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