Why the notebook power adapter is not universal

Issue Time:2006-10-26
Sometimes when I go out, my laptop is out of power, and I forgot to bring my laptop power adapter. In this case, I just look for the power adapter to charge it, but the result is not suitable. So what is the reason?

1, the interface is different
Most laptop power adapter brands have different interfaces, which means that other brands of power adapters cannot be plugged into your laptop at all. The difference in interface is relatively safe, because at least you will not plug the power adapter that does not match the current or voltage to power the laptop, causing damage to the computer hardware.

2, the voltage is different
Different brands of laptop power adapter voltages are not the same, for example: IBM is generally 16V, Dell is 20V, Hp is 18.5V, Sony is 19.5V and so on. It can be seen that even if the power adapter interface is the same, you cannot use different brands of laptop power adapters for power supply.

3, the current is different
The current of different brands of laptop power adapters is also different, for example: IBM is 4.5A in general, 3.34A in Dell, 2.7A in Hp, and 4.1A in Sony.

Not eligible for use:
1, affect the battery life
Long-term use will deplete the battery life, because the current and voltage power of the battery is often different, the power adapter will not be used better, which will cause loss of the battery.

2, affect the motherboard
If you use a power adapter with a large parameter difference, it is possible to burn the motherboard.

The reason why the notebook power adapter can not be universal is mainly because the interface is different, the voltage is different, the current is different, etc., but the same is basically the same as the interface, voltage and current.

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