How to set the power adapter fast charging function

Issue Time:2006-11-03
Fast charging can be well understood literally, that is, to increase the charging speed of mobile phones. So what is the way it is achieved? The principle is also very simple and easy to understand. The fast charge passes through the chipset to adjust the input voltage and current value of the mobile phone, thereby shortening the charging time. The common one is to increase the charging speed of the mobile phone by increasing the voltage constant current, low voltage, high current and high voltage and high current.

Question 1: Why do you need fast charging technology?
Since the current mobile phones are designed with a single body, the battery cannot be replaced, and the battery technology has not yet been broken. In the case of high-intensity use, it is not enough to stand by for one day, and people who are charged with mobile power can often be seen. When you have fast charging technology, you can use this technology to greatly shorten the charging time and effectively improve the user experience.

Question 2: How can I play fast charging?
In order to make the mobile phone have a faster charging speed, you must use the standard data cable and charger in the mobile phone. They have certain specialities on the line and on the charging head, because each fast charging standard is different. There are differences in chip management, so fast charging is not possible with non-standard data lines and charging heads. If the power adapter does not support fast charging, then the output voltage will not reach the standard of fast charging. In other words, the use of dedicated lines, special, special planes, are indispensable.

In addition, if you are using a mobile power supply that does not have a fast charge function, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits, so it is necessary to pay attention to this problem when choosing mobile power.

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