Common quality issues with power adapters

Issue Time:2006-11-07
Power adapter is a commonly used power conversion device. It is widely used in electronic communication equipment, notebook computers, game consoles and other electronic products and information equipment. There are many types of power adapters, including AC/AC and AC/DC power converters. And other products.

China's line-stage power adapter manufacturers are still dominated by small enterprises, and there are even some hand-workshop-type underground processing plants. The quality of products produced by these enterprises is worrying. In recent years, the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry In the supervision and spot check of the organization, the enterprise qualification rate is less than 80%, and the following quality problems mainly exist.

1. The product's mark is incomplete or not standardized
The mark should contain important information to guide the user to properly install and use, and the mark of the product is correctly marked to ensure the safety of the user's personal and property.

2. The power plug is not standardized
China's domestic single-phase power plugs are available in two-stage non-polar and two-stage grounding. The power plug should be able to prevent single-stage insertion during use.

3. The heat under normal working conditions does not meet the requirements
The high temperature rise of the power adapter under normal working conditions is a common problem, which may cause a fire due to excessive temperature during operation. The difference between the temperature of the power adapter housing and the ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ° C. Even if the ambient temperature reaches 35 ° C in hot summer days, the temperature of the enclosure should not exceed 95 ° C. If the temperature rise of the product is found to be too high, we should stop using it in time.

4. There is a safety hazard in the product during short circuit and overload
In the event of a short circuit in which the output is short-circuited, and components such as capacitors or diodes are short-circuited, the internal loss of the power adapter increases sharply, causing the temperature of each part to rise.

The power adapter is a product that is subject to 3C certification by the state. There are quality appeal problems. The main reason is that some enterprises lack comprehensive and accurate understanding and understanding of safety standards. In addition, the product structure design is unreasonable. In order to reduce the cost of finished products, this is a result of some products. An important reason for failure.

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