Switching power supply

Issue Time:2006-12-05
With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, switching power supplies are widely used in almost all electronic devices. The combination of "switched power", "fashionable appearance", "stable performance" and "good quality" are favored by customers. Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to understand the several components of the switching power supply.

The switching power supply is roughly composed of four main parts: a main circuit, a control circuit, a detection circuit, and an auxiliary power supply.

1, the main circuit:
Inrush current limiting: Limits the inrush current on the input side of the power supply.

Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter in the grid and to prevent the clutter generated by the machine from feeding back to the grid.

Rectification and filtering: directly rectify the grid AC power to a smoother DC.

Inverter: The rectified DC power is changed to high frequency AC, which is the core part of the high frequency switching power supply.

Output rectification and filtering: Provides a stable and reliable DC power supply according to the load requirements.

2. Control circuit:
On the one hand, sampling from the output, comparing with the set value, then controlling the inverter, changing its pulse width or pulse frequency to make the output stable, on the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, the circuit is identified by the protection circuit. The control circuit performs various protection measures on the power supply.

3. Detection circuit:
Provides various parameters and various meter data in operation in the protection circuit.

4. Auxiliary power supply:
Software (remote) startup of the power supply, power supply for protection circuits and control circuits (chips such as PWM).

Everyone has a certain understanding of the composition of the switching power supply! Shenzhen United Yunda Electronics operates a variety of switching power supplies, power adapters, LED power supplies, medical power supplies, chargers and other products, if you have related questions, please contact us.

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