Why is the switching power supply going to aging test?

Issue Time:2006-12-11
Before the switching power supply leaves the factory, it must undergo rigorous testing, and the aging test must be done. After the aging test of the switching power supply, basically no problem occurs during use, and the service life and quality can be guaranteed.

The aging test, also known as the roasting machine or the burning machine, is the test of harshness or "trying to burn it". It is also a destructive test. Only those products that have survived the extreme torture are excellent products. Businesses only sell these to users.

Generally, during the aging test, the use of the switching power supply will be worse than the environment we used under normal conditions, and the standard is more stringent. Such tests can better reflect the use of the switching power supply. And the aging test is also a necessary means for switching power supply manufacturers to ensure the quality of the switching power supply, market competitiveness and the price of switching power supply. Then what is the role of the switching power supply after the aging test? The following is explained by the technicians of Intermodal Electronics:

First: When the product is aging, we will use the computer to monitor. During the operation and use of the product, the computer will give us a series of data, so that we can understand the use of the switching power supply.

Second: A long-term aging test that monitors changes in temperature during use.

Third: When aging, it can catch the problems caused by the switching power supply in time.

Fourth: If the product is applied properly during the aging test, the product flowing to the customer can be used more safely and securely.

Switching power supply manufacturers - Lianyunda Electronics solemnly remind all new and old friends customers, buy switching power supply must be sure to find a regular manufacturer, so that you can be assured, peace of mind in the process of use.

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