Don't want to be routine? Then choose the power adapter that is the standard!

Issue Time:2006-12-22
The positive standard power adapter generally refers to the power adapter produced by the regular power adapter manufacturer through the safety certification. When it comes to power adapters, it has always been thought that as long as the interface and parameters match, you can charge, then you may not have been inferior power supply.

Nowadays, electronic devices support a wide variety of charging types. The chargers/lines of different manufacturers are different from each other, and the output power of different brands of chargers is also different. The electronic equipment needs a smooth voltage/current during the charging process. The positive charging accessories are quality certified and have safety guarantee.

The cottage charger lacks control and reliability in terms of reliability and electrical performance. When used, it will cause unstable charging current/high temperature, which will damage the service life of the battery and even cause fire and burn. In addition, some equipment warranty terms stipulate that the use of non-standard chargers to damage the equipment is not covered by the warranty, so do not use non-standard chargers if necessary.

In addition, the use of some cottage data lines may cause the charging current and its instability. If the impedance of the data line of the cottage is too large, the device supporting fast charging will not be able to enter the fast charging/super fast charging, and even reduce the charging current to 1A. Left and right, resulting in longer charging time, even when the interface is hot and the device can not be charged, using the cottage power adapter, can not charge is small, the key is that he still has many security risks.

Using a positive power adapter not only guarantees basic functionality, but also guarantees excellent performance. In the design stage of the product, the power adapter design of the standard is more standardized, and at the same time, it has more protection circuits, and the quality of component selection is also guaranteed to ensure the safety and stability of performance.

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