The power adapter sparks while charging? What is the phenomenon?

Issue Time:2006-12-27
When charging with the power adapter, sometimes we encounter a sudden sparking phenomenon at the moment of power-on. Or if there is a "sweet" sound here, what is the situation? This phenomenon is called a surge.

What is a surge? That is, a transient overvoltage that exceeds the normal operating voltage, called transient pulse voltage, transient over-current, surge or surge, is a short-lived current and voltage fluctuation that occurs in the circuit. Intense pulses in the circuit typically last about one millionth of a second.

Surge is a hazard to equipment. There are two main types of hazards:

1. Catastrophic hazard. When the surge voltage exceeds the capacity of the equipment, the equipment may be damaged or even cause a safety hazard.

2. Accumulative hazards, multiple small belts use the cumulative effect to cause equipment, device performance degradation, equipment official seal and service life shortened, and finally lead to stop work or work efficiency.

When you use the power adapter to charge the electronic product, you plug in the device first, or plug in the power first. If you plug in the device first, then a large voltage pulse may be generated at the moment of power-on, and a surge will occur. . Excessive surges can pose a threat to the safety of electronic devices, so it's better to plug in the power and plug in the device when charging.

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