Common sense of power adapter resistance

Issue Time:2006-12-29
Resistor is a very common component in the power adapter. The sub-circuit usually plays the role of voltage divider. Recently, the shortage of resistors and capacitors and the price increase are also very troublesome. So what do we need to pay attention to when choosing a resistor?

First, you must correctly select the resistance and error of the resistor.

1. Pay attention to the limit parameters of the resistor.

2. The general-purpose resistor is preferred.

3. According to the characteristics of the circuit.

4. Select the resistor according to the board size.

5. Learn to understand the knowledge of sensitive resistors, thermistors, and photoresistors.

6. Varistor: The most characteristic feature of varistor is that when the voltage applied to it is lower than its threshold "UN", the current flowing through it is extremely small, equivalent to a shut-off valve, when the voltage When UN is exceeded, the current flowing through it surges, which is equivalent to the valve opening. With this function, it is possible to suppress abnormal overvoltages that often occur in circuits and protect circuits from overvoltages.

As a manufacturer of power adapters, we must have a good understanding of the components. Only in this way can we select the materials and use the materials to produce high-quality power products.

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