Capacitor of common components of power adapter

Issue Time:2007-01-01
The capacitance is the physical quantity that characterizes the charge capacity of the capacitor. The amount of electricity we need to increase the potential difference between the two plates of the capacitor by one volt is called the capacitance of the capacitor. Capacitors are mainly used in power supply filtering, signal filtering, signal coupling, resonance, DC blocking and other circuits. Capacitors are also one of the most common components in power adapters. Today, Shenzhen Intermodal Electronics will come to talk about the knowledge of capacitors.

The types of capacitors include: ceramic capacitors, high-voltage ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, and chip electrolytic capacitors.

Main parameters and applications of power adapter capacitors

Nominal capacitance: The capacitance value indicated by the capacitor product.

Category Temperature Range Capacitor design The range of ambient temperatures that can be operated continuously, depending on the temperature limits of its respective category, such as the upper category temperature, the lower category temperature, and the rated temperature (the highest ambient temperature at which the rated voltage can be continuously applied) Wait.

The rated voltage (UR) can be continuously applied to the maximum DC voltage of the capacitor or the effective value of the maximum AC voltage or the peak value of the pulse voltage at any temperature between the lower category temperature and the rated temperature.

The loss tangent (tan δ) is the power loss of the capacitor divided by the reactive power of the capacitor at a sinusoidal voltage of a specified frequency.

Since last year, capacitors have been out of stock, and prices have been rising. Many of the smaller power plants have been discontinued due to insufficient raw materials. Here, Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd. would like to thank the suppliers who have been supporting us and have given us a lot of help.

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