Will you unplug the power adapter and charger in time?

Issue Time:2007-01-15
Low-carbon life, starting from small things! The large wiring board on my computer desk is full of sockets. When I turn off the lights every night, there is always a traffic light of the power adapter on the dark desktop. I don't know if you are used to unplugging the power adapter at any time, but have you ever thought that these idle adapters consume energy in vain?

You may find this topic a bit boring. Power adapters and chargers such as mobile phones and digital cameras consume only a few watts of power, even if they are idle. However, when I was looking for data on power supply for the past two days, I saw a cumulative power consumption table for the power adapter. The numbers in it really surprised me.

This form is a bit more complicated. Let me explain it a bit. Take the mobile phone as an example. The power consumption during charging is about 4W, and the standby power consumption of the power adapter is 0.5W (it is not big, much smaller than the bulb). A typical user may charge up to 7 hours a week. If the power adapter is not unplugged, the adapter will stand by for 161 hours. Calculated to the annual, mobile phone charging will consume 1.456 kWh (KWH kWh), while standby will consume 4.186 kWh. According to the price of 0.48 yuan per kilowatt in Beijing, each power adapter will be busy for one year because it will cost you 2 yuan because of the invalid consumption of standby. It seems that it is really too much trouble to pull out every time you run out. But from a global perspective, these ineffective consumption is an amazing number. In 2009, the global mobile phone sales volume was about 1.211 billion. If 10% of the users did not pull the power adapter, it would consume 500 million kWh per year, or about 240 million yuan. If you add a bunch of digital adapters, such as digital cameras, MP3/MP4, camcorders, laptops, etc., that are always plugged into the power strip, or according to 10% estimation, the total power consumption in the standby state will reach about 1 billion degrees. It’s really a sand tower!

Hundreds of millions of kWh! This number is shocking enough. 1 billion kWh is enough to support the electricity consumption of about 1 million typical Chinese households. If converted to carbon emissions, these electricity will increase 7.85 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, about 8.2 million The tree is coming to absorb.

However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. The standby power consumption of TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes and other products is usually less than 1W, and few people have the habit of completely turning off the power of these audio-visual products, most of them are closed with remote control. Go to standby.

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