Power adapter development trends and market prospects

Issue Time:2007-01-24
The power adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of a casing, a power transformer and a rectifier circuit. According to its output type, it can be divided into an AC output type and a DC output type; And desktop.

Power Adapter Applications Power adapters are widely used in consumer electronics, providing most of the output power within 100 watts, and market demand is growing rapidly. Applications such as electric bicycle battery chargers, small size LCD TVs, laptops, printers, DVD players and set-top boxes are available. Most of the early power adapters used linear transformers. As consumer electronics products have high efficiency, wide input voltage range, and increased copper, iron and labor costs, the original linear transformers in these power adapters are gradually increasing. Replaced by switching power supply.

The development trend of power adapters The power adapter first appeared in the mid-1980s. Toshiba Japan took the lead in using switching power supply technology for external power supply of notebooks. Its pioneering work has created a new page in the history of power adapter development and has become the world. The first independent notebook power adapter, because the power supply with switching power supply technology is external, so the notebook does not need to consider the heat generated by the power conversion to gather in the notebook itself, and the power adapter is easy to carry, which effectively improves it. The commercialization and popularization of notebook computers.

At present, the high frequency of power adapter has become the development direction. The high frequency makes the switching power supply miniaturized, and the power adapter enters a wider range of applications, especially in high-tech fields, which promotes high-tech products. Miniaturized and lightweight. In addition, the development and application of power adapters are of great significance in terms of energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection.

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