How to choose a power adapter

Issue Time:2007-01-26
With the popularity of computers, there are more and more people who have notebooks. If your laptop's power adapter fails or is lost, you may prefer it. Of course, you can purchase the original adapter. If you can't find it, just find the same model, the same voltage and current interface, it is also possible. The main working parameters of the notebook power adapter:

1. Input voltage and input current;

2. Output current and output current;

3. Output connector and output polarity (basically different brands have their own standards);

In general, notebook adapters are 110-240V input, in line with global international standards, note that there are a few 110V input, which kind of power can not be used in the country. Also note how much voltage and current the adapter can provide, and whether it meets the notebook's input requirements. This can clearly see the adapter's specifications on the surface nameplate of the adapter.

Notebook power adapter:

1. Choose a good brand

I suggest you have a good money, you can go buy a professional brand (that is, the professional only for the brand of laptop charger, not what the power supply does, such a professional brand-name product will not be on the battery and The laptop is damaged and the protection circuit is advanced.) For example, Icharger, Acharger (ATUU brand), etc. (though these brands are currently mainly sold in Europe and America, domestic retail is rarely found) notebook power adapter:

2. Clearly use

The so-called power adapter, simply can be understood as a transformer, of course, the internal structure is not a simple transformer. Of course, for most people, what we want to know is whether the power adapter at hand can charge my mobile device. Nowadays, there are a lot of notebook accessories, the adapter is very easy to buy, the price is less than 100, the expensive one or two hundred. Ask a few more places to ask the price, compare and compare.

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