How to design a vehicle-mounted switching power adapter

Issue Time:2019-05-10
Car power adapters are used in cars to charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products. How should the car-mounted switching power adapter be designed to better meet the consumer's consumption philosophy? What kind of vehicle power adapter is more in line with market demand? ?

Judging from the current market usage, a high-end car will generally provide at least two USB ports, and some have already achieved three. This design can meet the power supply requirements for multiple electronic devices at the same time. Of course, this design will bring huge challenges to engineers, because we all know that the size of the car power adapter is very small, and the internal electronic components are even less. Said, because the car is used in the car, so its safety design is very important, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input and other design are the key factors.

In addition to these, the shape and volume are also the focus of the design. The on-board switching power adapter is a high-end consumer product. When developing a new product, R&D engineers should not only consider their safety performance, but also take into account the versatility and fashion. As far as fashion is concerned, the average car owner is a high-consumer group, so the car we produce must be exquisite and beautiful. Multi-function, mainly reflected in the USB interface at least two, can supply power to electronic products at the same time. Needless to say, the safety must comply with CCC, FCC, UL, CE and other multi-national certification.

When you need the car power supply, you must pay attention to the regular shopping malls or manufacturers to buy when shopping, the car is a high-end consumer products, car power adapter manufacturers remind, do not covet small and cheap because of small loss. Want to know more about the car power adapter, please pay attention to Shenzhen Suoyuan Technology Co., Ltd.!

The production of power products is also a very important part of determining quality. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics Co., Ltd., as a leading company in the power industry, has the industry's high-power global authority certification, and masters the core of the switching power supply, power adapter LED The power charger manufacturer, Lianyunda Power Supply is constantly pursuing improvement, enhancement and progress in manufacturing technology and production capacity. Whether it is the product development quality, manufacturing quality, or customer service quality.

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